Reasons to get a property survey

Getting a property survey quote online is the first step to understanding the details of your new property. Surveys are not primarily to give you worries about the condition of your new home, but to give you a full understanding about the structure and condition of the building.

Buying a house is stressful enough as it is, so why not let someone take an unbiased view and bring their findings to you? Often it’s a simple act of reassurance about your investment, and often gives you ideas of how to improve your new home once you’re there.

From a financial front, surveys can bring up faults that were not made clear from the outset, and can give you the chance to change your offer accordingly.

Your mortgage lender will arrange what’s called a Property Valuation, however this is mainly to reassure themselves about their loan to you – and often they make the assessment with a short drive-by visit. A full Home Condition Report gives you the whole spectrum, looking at areas of concern and also giving you more detail about the structure and integrity of your potential new property.

Service FeaturesRICS Condition Report Survey*RICS Home Buyers Service*Building Survey*Home Condition Survey
Describes the construction & condition of the property
Identifies any problems that need urgent attention or are serious
Identifies elements that need to be investigated further
Tells you about problems that may be hazardous
Identifies potential issues & defects, before any transaction takes place
Includes a visual inspection during which secured panels, electrical fittings & other similar features are not removed
Aims to help you decide whether you need extra advice before committing
Helps you prepare a budget for any repairs or restoration
Aims to advise you on the amount of ongoing maintenance required in the future
More extensive roof space & drainage inspection
Provides a reinstatement cost to help you avoid under- or over insurance
Provides market valuation
Describes how the property is built, materials are used & how these will endure
Identifies visible & hidden defects
Aims to outline the repair options & gives you a repair timeline
A thorough consideration of the roof space, ground floors & services
Written in plain English with a clear 1, 2, 3 condition rating
Delivered quickly & at a competitive cost
Covered by comprehensive Indemnity Insurance
Surveyors are regularly audited for competency & quality of workmanship
Surveyors undergo regular criminal records check
Surveyors have skills & knowledge of residential building construction

With Best Value Surveys, you know you'll get a high quality report.

Accurate Reporting

When you book a Home Condition survey through Best Value Surveys, your surveyor will be SAVA qualified, and competent in producing high quality reports to reflect the true condition of your prospective purchase.

Your report is clearly broken down by property area, and has clear condition ratings alongside narration about the various aspects that need further investigation or improvements.

Good Communication

Best Value Surveys works with the Residential Property Surveyors Association, or RPSA, to bring you a better service around your Home Condition Report.

With other services, you may find it difficult to get through to the surveyor themselves, or you may not hear from them after you’ve booked the survey.

With Best Value Surveys it’s not like that. Once you have run a quote online, our team will be in touch to confirm your booking. After payment has been taken we will then book you a preferred date, after which we will give you the details of your surveyor. Your surveyor will contact you and / or the estate agent to arrange the date of the survey. You will receive a verbal report on the day, and the completed report will be sent via email just a few days later.

See our Best Value Surveys Service Standards to understand more about how Best Value Surveys works.

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If you want to go further with your property survey quote, or even if there is any aspect of the survey process you’re not sure about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always happy to help, and we’re only a phone call or email away!