Service Standards for Best Value Surveys

So you’re about to order a survey? These are the service standards for any surveyor you instruct through Best Value Surveys.


As soon as you enter your details on the website, you will be provided with an instant quote which you can view online. You also receive an email with details of the quote. From there, you can either call us on 0800 038 7007 or we will call you to arrange the next step.


Once you have booked a surveyor through Best Value Surveys we will send you a confirmation by email within hours. We will also be at the end of the phone, and give you the full contact details of your surveyor.

You will be advised when the booking has been finalised, and if there is any delay in making the booking you will be kept informed.


Contact with the vendor and/or estate agent will be made within 24 hours of booking a Home Condition Survey. If first contact is not successful then an attempt will be made every day thereafter to arrange the appointment.


Once the Home Condition Survey has been undertaken it will be logged and a copy provided to you within 48 hours, based on a 5 day working week. The surveyor will call you within that time by way of courtesy and to check that you have received your copy of the report.


The surveyor will offer you the opportunity for a 30 minute consultation on the report to address any questions you may have. This means that you get the chance to speak directly with the person who produced the report, should you have any questions or concerns.


Best Value Surveys, or the surveyor themselves, will undertake a brief satisfaction interview with you to be sure that you are happy with the service and your Home Condition Report.

The team at Best Value Surveys is here 7 days a week, and happy to take your call about any of these points: 0800 038 7007.

Call us for a Best Value Surveys quote today on 0800 038 7007!