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When you buy a home it is sensible to have an independent report on the condition of the property.

Ordering a Home Condition Survey from Best Value Surveys means that you will receive a report produced by a surveyor who is a member of the SAVA HCS Scheme. The surveyor provides an objective opinion about the condition of the property at the time of inspection.

The aim of the report is to tell you about any defects and to help you make an informed decision on whether to go ahead and buy the property. This report tells you:

  • About the construction and condition of the home on the date it was inspected
  • Whether more enquiries or investigations are needed before you buy the property
  • The Reinstatement Cost for insurance purposes

SAVA exists to ensure a fair and professional service to the consumer. To be a member of SAVA and produce Home Condition Surveys, the surveyor has to:

  • Pass an assessment of skills, in line with National Occupational Standards
  • Hold the Diploma in Home Inspection or equivalent
  • Have insurance that provides cover if found negligent
  • Follow the inspection standards and code of conduct set by SAVA
  • Lodge all reports with the central SAVA register for regular monitoring of competence
  • Have a complaints procedure which includes an escalation route to SAVA
  • Participate in a Criminal Records check

SAVA will revoke membership if a surveyor fails to maintain the expected professional or ethical standards.

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What does the Home Condition Survey cover?

The Home Condition Survey, or HCS, is one of the most comprehensive and detailed property surveys on the market, designed to provide you with a very clear, jargon-free assessment of a property that highlights key elements in a simple 1, 2, 3 condition rating.

Using this system, the report lays out the condition of the property in a summary chart, including comprehensive photographs to identify any defects or features making it very easy for a homebuyer to make an informed decision.

All HCS’s have a certificate scheme (SAVA or BRE) which is responsible for monitoring the quality of the surveys undertaken and the individual surveyors it accredits. Professional Indemnity is also attached to the survey which greatly reduces the risk to the homebuyer.

Condition Ratings

The report applies ‘condition ratings’ to the major parts of the main building (it does not give condition ratings to outbuildings or landscaping). The property is broken down into separate parts or elements and each element is given a condition rating 1, 2, 3 or NI (Not inspected)

Condition rating definition

The surveyor gives each part of the structure of the main building a condition rating to make the report easy to follow. The condition ratings are as follows:

Condition Rating 1

No repair is currently needed. Normal maintenance must be carried out.

Condition Rating 2

Repairs or replacements are needed but the surveyor does not consider these to be serious or urgent.

Condition Rating 3

These are defects which are either serious and/or require urgent repair or replacement or where the surveyor feels that further investigation is required
(for instance where he/she has reason to believe repair work is needed but an invasive investigation is required to confirm this). A serious defect is one which could lead to rapid deterioration in the property or one which is likely to cost more than 2.5% of the reinstatement cost to put right. You may wish to obtain quotes for additional work where a condition rating 3 is given, prior to exchange of contract.

NI Not Inspected

Not inspected (see “How the inspection is carried out”).

X Not Present at Property

This feature is not present at the property.

For your purchase.

Whether you are buying your first home, or extending your property portfolio, getting a Home Condition Report will give you peace of mind.

Property Surveys often give home buyers the chance to change their offer, as the survey brings up issues that can be fixed, but challenge the asking price.

For your investment.

You want to be sure that you are making a good investment in your property, whether you will be living in it or letting it out to tenants.

Ordering a Home Condition Report will put your mind at ease, as you know that any issues with the structure or condition of the property will be raised at the start of the process.

For your future.

If you have a property survey done, not only are you aware of any issues that may potentially put you off buying the property, but you also have some pointers for future improvements.

A Home Condition Report will tell you of any critical issues along with suggested improvements for your new home.